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Ta Tai waterfall is a semi-natural site located in Ta Tai village, Ta Tai commune with 84 families living in this area. They earn their living by fishing and hunting. The waterfall is consisted of two stages: the first stage is 5 to 6 meters high and the second one is 12 to 15 meters high. Ta Tai waterfall was developed as a model site in Koh Kong to attract local and foreign tourists. Ta Tai waterfall is also known as Ta Eysei waterfall. According to legend, a man named Ta Tai and his son went to the waterfall to fish because the waterfall was the joining point between fresh water and salt water. Suddenly, there was a storm and the resulting floods carried away Ta Tai's son. Four or five days later, however, the boy was found at the same spot from where he disappeared. When Ta Tai questioned his son, the boy said: "There was someone who took me to a secret place, where he turned into a vampire and wanted to kill me. But suddenly, Ta Eysei (a hermit) appeared to save me and took me back." After hearing the story, Ta Tai and his wife believed that their son was saved by Ta Eysei or Neak Sachang (another name of hermits). Ever since then, the Waterfall has been called Ta Eysei Waterfall or Ta Tai Waterfall.