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The largest island in Ha Long Bay, the delightful attraction of the North Viet Nam for those who love adventure and ecotourism. Cat Ba has its beautiful sea and rocky terrain. Travel here you can be challenged by energetic activities including sailing, cycling, hiking and rock climbing. Almost half of Cat Ba Island (with a total area of 354 sq km) and 90 sq km of the adjacent waters were declared a national park in 1986 to protect the island’s diverse ecosystems: subtropical evergreen forests on the hills, freshwater swamp forests at the base of the hills, coastal mangrove forests, small freshwater lakes and coral reefs. Most of the coastline consists of rocky cliffs, but there are some sandy beaches and tiny fishing villages hidden away in small coves. Lakes, waterfalls and grottoes dot the magnificent limestone hills, the highest rising 331m above sea level. The island’s largest area of water is Ech Lake, (3 hectares). Lan Ha Bay, encompassing the southern seas off Cat Ba, is dotted with hundreds of jungle-topped limestone islands with many deserted beaches. Cat Ba’s best weather is from late September to November, when the temperatures of the air and water are comfortable. December to February is cooler but still pleasant. From February to April is still good, but you can expect some rain. Summer (June to August) is hot and humid with occasional thunderstorms. This is also peak season for domestic travelers.