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  • Dray Sap Waterfall in Buon Me Thuot
  • Lak Lake in Buon Me Thuot



If beaches are not your cup of tea, then this city of mountains, waterfalls and lakes is completely appropriate for those who like the feelings of adventuring and conquering. Trekking on mountains, kayaking crossing waterfalls or riding elephants through cold and deep water of lakes should be always in your must-do list. More than that, you can feast your eyes on vast green coffee plantations, giving a hand in catching and taming giant elephants of M’nong ethnic people or chilling yourselves visiting sacred Cemetery of Ede tribe. Ancient wooden houses-on-stilt shouldn’t be missing for those who love exploring particular architecture and style of particular ethnic minority people. What Buon Ma Thuot lacks in eating options, it makes up for with coffee. It's the cash crop of the region, and the locals here are justifiably proud of its high quality. It's almost impossible to get a bad cup of coffee here, and no one would even think of serving you Nescafe or G7 unless you specifically asked for it. The coffee is incredibly rich and smooth, with subtle hints of chocolate.