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  Unmissable adventures around the world (01/02/2018 16:24:12)
Hike, climb, cycle, surf, canoe... there are countless ways to explore a country if you've got a taste for adventure. But which of these pulse-quickening experiences fall into the 'don't-leave-without' category?

In this excerpt from Lonely Planet’s Atlas of Adventure, we look at some of the action-packed activities that define a destination, from kayaking through sea caves in Vietnam to paragliding over beaches in Turkey.

1. Don’t leave the USA without...

Hiking Zion National Park’s Angels Landing Trail – just 8km long, but utterly unforgettable. The last 100m traverses a ledgy via ferrata route to a pedestal smack in the middle of the canyon, 460m above the canyon floor and the Virgin River below. Not for the faint of heart or the acrophobic.

2. Don’t leave Vietnam without...

Kayaking through sea caves and arches in Halong Bay. Many Halong tour boats carry kayaks, or they can be hired from operators and hotels on Cat Ba Island.

3. Don’t leave Indonesia without…

Climbing ancient Borobudur. The world’s largest Buddhist monument features massive temple spires that sprout from the Kedu Plain valley floor, all set against a backdrop of countless volcanic peaks, including the volatile Mt Merapi.

4. Don’t leave Myanmar without…

Learning how to paddle a skiff with one leg across Inle Lake. Fishermen here are famous for paddling their watercraft with one leg while they toss their large nets into the water with both hands. It’s even more difficult than it looks.

5. Don’t leave Madagascar without....

Going caving in Ankarana National Park, where you can explore some of its 140km of subterranean rivers and caves – just watch out for the cave-dwelling crocodiles.

6. Don’t leave Bolivia without…

Cycling the world’s biggest salt flats, Salar de Uyuni, a disorientating, surreal and unforgettable experience. In the vast white expanse, you’ll encounter Dalíesque standing rocks, brightly coloured hot springs and miraculous colonies of chinchillas and flamingoes.

7. Don’t leave Oman without…

Exploring Jabal Shams and Wadi Ghul, ‘Arabia’s Grand Canyon’, and daring to do the nerve-wracking Balcony Walk around the rim.

8. Don’t leave Turkey without…

Paragliding from one of the highest commercial sites in the world, perched atop the 1960m Mt Babadağ. It’s a 30-40 minute thrill ride back down, landing on the postcard-perfect Ölüdeniz Beach. Almost as adrenaline-pumping is the 4WD journey up to the summit and the brief instruction session – ‘Run. Fast. Don’t stop.’

Source Lonelyplanet

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