Enjoy extra revenue by working with Vietravel Travel Agent Program!


Welcome to our Travel Agent Program. We would like to offer you the opportunity of earning extra revenue by joining our Travel Agent Program. Just book more tours and services with us, you will get more commissions immediately!.
Travel Agent Program
  1. 1. Travel Agent get a 7% commission on per each online booking related to sightseeing tours (excluded all airfare) and 10% commission on services (guide/car rental/VIP pick up).
  2. 2. The best selling Travel Agent will receive the extra incentives.
  3. 3. A fast and flexible booking system that Travel Agent can book easily wide range of products.
How does it work?

After registration, you will receive a unique Travel Agent code that you will use to book tours and services directly on our website with the net price (after deducting your discount) so that you will collect commission immediately.

How to pay?

You can choose one of these following payment options:

Option 1: Wire Transfer.

*Remark: The transaction fee of $30/ transaction should be added to the total cost as the bank service charge outside Vietnam. We expect to get your payment in full amount.

Option 2: Credit Card.

We shall charge your Agency’s credit card the net amount as showing on our Travel Agent site.

*Remark: We accept Visa/Master only, however, you’re advised to add 2.75% to the total cost as the bank service charge.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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